Bruno Mars Makes Luenell’s Heart Flutter In Lust-Filled Video


For comedian Luenell, trading heart-shaped eyes with singer Bruno Mars became a highlight of her year so far. After months of waiting for the right time, Luenell finally made her fantasy a reality when she locked eyes with the “Versace On The Floor” artist backstage as his 24K Magic Worl Tour show in Los Angeles (Oct. 23).

Set to the tune of Mars’ sultry “Straight Up & Down” melody, the pair let their bodies do the talking before they connected for a mild dance. Luenell also documented the hours leading up to the event, sharing that she even had an outfit made to commemorate the outing.


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Be careful what you wish for @luenell #Backstage #LastNight #LA

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In late July 2018, Luenell publicly made it known that she wanted to meet the Grammy Award-winning musician at his Staples Center show. “I just adore you, honey. You’re the cutest thing ever and you’re so fu**ing talented it’s ridiculous,” she said. “I just want you to know I’m going to be doing everything in my motherfu**ing power to get backstage and meet you.”

After a few lines of communication between both entertainers’ teams, Luenell’s wish was granted. “I just want to look you in your eye and tell you how much I adore you, how much your music has meant to me, what a bombing a** band you have and your steps and everything,” she continued. “So look for me. I’ll be backstage with my thong.”

Check out Luenell’s highlights below.


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