Charlamagne Tha God Weighs In On Cancelling Kanye West Due To Mental Health Issues


Charlamagne tha God doesn’t believe in canceling Kanye West. Instead, he deems the rapper’s controversial stance as a MAGA supporter as simply a cry out for help. The Power 105.1 Breakfast Club personality recently stopped by Buzzfeed’s Profile with host Audie Cornish, where he got very candid about mental health and how we should all stop being too hard on Ye in this time of crisis, Complex reports.

“I think we’re all wack and we’re all hypocrites,” he said. “I think we all contradict ourselves because we see a guy sitting there, screaming that he may have mental health issues, but everyone wants to cancel him.”

Subsequently, because of his issues, Charlamagne can’t take him seriously. “I can’t even take anything that he’s saying serious,” he began.  “He’s clearly telling us that something is wrong. So it’s like, why are we putting so much stock in anything that’s coming out of his mouth when he’s telling us something is wrong?”

Yet while he seemingly is trying to support Mr. West, when the conversation steered in a more political direction, he had a strong opinion for those who support POTUS. “Yo, I think everybody supporting Donald Trump is dealing with some type of mental health issue,” he said.

Watch the full episode of Profile above.

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