City Girls Take Over The Beach In “Not Your Main” Video


The duo known as City Girls preside on a mélange of beachy picturesque scenes and a backyard party in the visuals for their latest single, “Not Your Main.” With a reggae-infused electronic beat, JT and Yung Miami are denouncing all the men that think they can have them as their side pieces.

Amid calling shady dudes out, they also take time to shout out their love for designer duds like Gucci and Chanel. Despite their ascension through the industry, they revealed rapping wasn’t something they always knew would work.

“Honestly I’ve always been gifted with rapping but I never would’ve thought that I’d be a rapper,” JT told VIBE earlier this year. “Like, I never would’ve imagined me, being here in y’all face doing this, ‘cause it was really more of us having fun when we did the song which was in August. So, we didn’t think it was gonna get this serious, like, ‘Oh we got a record deal, wassup.’”

Still, the duo gained even more prominence when they were featured on Drake’s “In My Feelings,” “F**k that Netflix and chill, what’s your net worth,” they rapped. Not to mention their stellar 2018 mixtape Period.  Watch the video for “Not Your  Main” above.

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