Colin Kaepernick’s First Piece Of Nike Merch Sells Out Immediately


Even though he’s still not on the NFL field with a team, Colin Kaepernick continues to make major waves without the pigskin in hand. The former San Francisco 49ers’ buzzed-about collaboration with Nike finally made its grand arrival on Thursday (Oct. 25). There’s only one problem (albeit a very good one to have): it’s already sold out online.

The all-black Kaepernick Icon Tee—the subtle piece of apparel is adorned in black Nike swoosh symbols, Kaep’s own trademarked logos and the quote, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything”—was placed on the Nike site early in the day for $50.

Within a couple of hours, the site was out of stock. The shirts swiftly hit the resale market afterward, boosting prices of $100 and up. However, all hope is not lost to snag a tee. The shirts are still stocked in various brick and mortar locations. Kaep is providing the list of places on his website for those still looking.

Remember, all of this is only after the release of one shirt. There’s more to come within the collection, and clearly, this is just the beginning. Congrats to Nike and Kaepernick on a strong start.

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