David Jones’ Family To Receive $1 Million After Fatal Police Shooting


In June 2017, David Jones was fatally shot in the back by an ex-officer in Philadelphia. Now, on Friday (Oct. 5), his family settled with the Pennsylvania city for $1 million, The Philadelphia Tribune reports.

The North Philadelphia resident was killed by former police officer Ryan Pownall, who was charged with criminal homicide. The incident occurred when Pownall stopped Jones while he was riding a dirt bike. Pownall approached the 30-year-old and grew suspicious of him when Jones “suspiciously turned sideways away from him.”

Then, Pownall frisked Jones and believed to have felt a gun. The Tribune states a physical match began when Jones attempted to flee. Pownall, who served 12 years as an officer, then fired three shots in Jones’ direction, two of which fatally struck him. Jones did not have any type of weapon on him. Video footage also noted that Jones did not act in a “threatening manner” toward Pownall.

“The shooting death of David Jones was a tragic incident, and I hope this resolution will begin to assist his family in moving forward after what they have been through,” Mayor Jim Kenney said. “My administration remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring all people in our City receive fair and equal treatment at the hands of law enforcement officials.”

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