Ella Mai Debuts Self-Titled Album


Ella Mai’s debut solo album is finally here. The singer-songwriter debuted the self-titled project on Friday (Oct. 12), featuring appearances from Chris Brown, John Legend, and H.E.R.

The album is an impressive 16 tracks long. It features the No. 1 single “Boo’d Up,” as well as the pre-released tracks, “Trip” and “Watchamacallit,” featuring Chris Brown,” and “Naked.”

“Boo’d Up,’ which was previously featured on Ella’s 2017 mixtape Ready, became a fan favorite this past summer. The album skyrocketed to number one one the charts, becoming the longest-running No. 1 by a female artist in over a decade. The last artist to achieve that feat was Mary J. Blige’s  “Be Without You” in 2006, which reigned for 15 weeks.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Ella commented on the song she can’t wait for everyone to hear. “…It changes every day but I would say, in these past couple days, it’s the third song on the album called ‘Dangerous.’,” she said of her favorite song at the moment. “It’s about love again, [chuckles] my favorite topic. Basically, Eve had this song called ‘Love Is Blind’—’Love is blind/And it’ll take over your mind.’ And it’s like, you can love someone so much that a situation can become something that it’s not but you really think it is, and you become clouded. ‘Dangerous’ is not as on the negative side of that, but it’s about understanding that this could be dangerous. I like you so much that I need to relax a bit.”

Listen to “Dangerous” and the rest of Ella Mai’s debut album below.

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