Ella Mai Speaks On Jacquees’ “Trip” Cover Dispute


Ella Mai was at the center of a recent Internet melee after Jacquees’ popular cover/remix of her song “Trip” was mysteriously wiped from the Internet. Many believed that since the “Quemix” was gaining tons of traction compared to that of the original that the “Boo’d Up” singer had something to do with its removal.

“Everybody be asking me why I don’t put my tmixes and sh*t on Spotify tidal and iTunes and sh*t. This is why,” the Republic Records signee wrote on Twitter.

The London songbird is setting the record straight. Mai appeared on Hot 97 for an interview with Ebro Darden to discuss the issue at hand, noting that she didn’t have much to do with the decision to take the cover down.

“I feel like my label made a statement, and there’s not really much else to say about it to be honest,” she explained. “People are gonna take it how they want….People don’t actually know the real ins and outs of the industry.”

“There was another big thing that was like, ‘oh you started doing covers, so how could you, like, be mad at someone for doing that?'” she continued. “‘Bood’ Up’ had five thousand remixes…It’s just when it comes to someone trying to monetize, then it becomes a different issue on the label side. That’s never going to happen.”

As for the rumor that she blocked the 4275 musician on Instagram, she said she never followed him to begin with.

Watch her comments above around the 8:20 mark.

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