Erika Alexander Signs On For ‘Black Lightning’ Season 2

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Although a reboot of Living Single is still up in the air, one of the beloved show’s cast-mates will still grace television screens in the near future. According to Shadow And Act, Erika Alexander landed a role in The CW’s Black Lightning (Oct. 9).

The famed actress will step into the shoes of telepathic therapist Perenna for season two. Perenna’s mission is to assist Jennifer Pierce with her newfound otherworldly abilities. Alexander’s prowess on-screen will span three episodes.

With films like Black Panther and other black-led sci-fi/superhero adventures making waves, Alexander solidified her part in this world when she created the “Concrete Jungle” graphic novel in 2017. The story takes place in another world but still tackles issues like race and politics.

“First, I love sci-fi. My writing heroes are giants of sci-fi who happen to be African American like Octavia Butler and Samuel R. Delany,” she said. “The biggest geeks I know are Sam Jackson, Will Smith and Rosario Dawson. Secondly, and more importantly, you wanna tell me about the future? Blacks and other minorities in this country and poor people all over the world live in the future. Our past may be pain, our present, precarious, but the future? The future is free.”

Alexander also touched upon black superheroes during an interview with “The Breakfast Club.”

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