Florida Police Won’t Launch Investigation Into Cop Caught On Video Punching 14-Year-Old Girl


A disturbing video began to circulate on social media Saturday (Oct. 21) of a white police officer repeatedly punching a 14-year-old black girl in the ribs as he pinned her down.

According to reports, Coral Springs police received a call about a group of unruly teens inside the mall. When law enforcement arrived, the young girl reportedly “back talked.” The nine-second clip shows two officers subduing the teen face-first into the ground. A female officer has her knee on the teen’s back while the other, a male, barrels his fist into her rib cage.

The video was shared online by a girl who claims to be the victim’s cousin, captioning the savage clip as “My 14-year-old old cousin, which is a girl, should not have been handled this way.”

However, the Coral Spring Police Department quickly went on the defense saying the officer’s actions were justified and an investigation will not be launched.

“Due to her stature and aggressive behavior, officers took her to the ground attempting to get her to release her fists. As seen in the video she resisted arrest and in order to have her comply she was struck in the side in order to have her release her clenched fists-she was then handcuffed. After she was handcuffed and officers attempted to place her in the patrol car, she violently kicked one of the officers,” the post reads.

The victim’s mother, Jessica Dennis spoke with CBS Miami and said she was “pissed and angry” this happened to her daughter.  “He went completely overboard. It was completely unnecessary. Her hands are pinned up, he’s fishtailing her whole body with her shorts, it was just too much going on and she clearly wasn’t aggressive.”

Deputy Chief Brad McKeone doubled-down on the message posted to the Coral Springs Police Department’s Instagram page. ‘The officer’s actions were 100 percent within policy, legal and were not excessive.”

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