Four Suspects Arrested For String Of Burglaries Targeting Rihanna, & More

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Four suspects have been arrested in connection to a string of burglaries that targeted celebrity homes in California, including Rihanna, Christina Milian, and Dodgers outfielder, Yasiel Puig. The suspects, who were detained on Tuesday (Oct. 2), were believed to be apart of a larger burglary operation specifically targeting actors, athletes, and producers in Hollywood.

Police arrested teenage suspects – Tyress Williams, 19, Jshawne Daniels, 19, and Damaji Hall, 18 in South Los Angeles on Friday (Sept. 28), after stopping their car for an unrelated weapons possession. Authorities also arrested Hall’s mother, Ashle Hall, 34, on Sunday (Sept. 30).

The burglars reportedly called their operation “flocking” because “they flocked like birds to areas where the rich and famous were sited,” Lillian Carranza, commanding officer of the LAPD’s Commercial Crimes Division said in a statement. The thieves would reportedly wear button-down shirts and drive luxury cars to fit in as they scouted the neighborhoods. They would change clothes before looting the homes, Carranza said.

After knocking on doors to ensure that nobody was home, the burglars would break in through a window and steal valuables like cash, weapons, and jewelry. The operation would last no more than minutes and end a little before the home alarm went off.

The victims were reportedly chosen based on social media posts and travel schedules. Police believe more suspects are involved in the series of burglaries. The operation is suspected of hitting two dozen home, stealing property worth  millions of dollars, Carranza said.

Following the arrests, police seized a number of stolen items, including purses and handbags, jewelry, and $50,000 in cash. They also found a list of other targets including Lebron James, Viola Davis, and Matt Damon, police confirmed.


Williams reportedly pleaded guilty on Tuesday (Oct. 2) to four felony counts of first-degree burglary involving Rihanna, City News Service reported. The other three suspects were not immediately charged pending further investigation. They were still in police custody on Oct. 2.

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