Fyre Festival Founder Sentenced To Six Years In Prison


Billy McFarland, the founder of the disastrous and much-memed Fyre Festival in the Bahamas was sentenced to six years in prison. McFarland was sentenced on two counts of wire fraud and two additional counts of wire and bank fraud due to a scam ticket operation he ran shortly after Fyre Festival.

The New York Times reports that investigators concluded that the 26-year-old “had defrauded investors in his company, Fyre Media, as well as a subsidiary that had promoted the music festival, resulting in $24 million in losses.” His fake ticket company called “NYC VIP Access” scammed at least 30 buyers out of about $150,000. Additionally, prosecutors determined McFarland did not feel remorse.

Prosecutors said that Fyre Festival was part of an “elaborate scheme.” The 2017 festival was promised as a “luxury” event on a private island featuring acts like Blink-182, Migos and more. The advertisement for the fest featured famous models such as Kendall Jenner. However, when guests arrived, the site was nowhere near luxury, no big-name musicians were in attendance and it reportedly took days for flights back to the States to happen.

“He betrayed and deceived his investors, customers, and employees while he was living the high life at his luxury apartment, traveling to exclusive locales, staying at luxury hotels, being chauffeured in his Maserati, and entertaining himself and his friends at restaurants, bars, and casinos,” the publication reads.

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