Ghostface Killah Talks Cosmic Campaign With Impossible Burgers And Working On Logic’s “Wu Tang Forever”


Out of all of the acts sprouted from the golden age of hip-hop, no group has a cultural presence in 2018 quite like Wu-Tang Clan. Collectively, the members have remained out of the box when it comes to their brand alliances like GZA’s Liquid Science series on Netflix, RZA crafting beats with Chipotle and now, Ghostface Killah traveling to space with Impossible Burgers and White Castle.

The limited web series Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders premiered last week in conjunction with the plant-based burger arriving on White Castle’s menu. Directed by Sam Spiegel, the series features Ghostface and GZA navigating the starry skies (in a Wu-F-O) while dropping inspirational vitamins to fans. It’s a strong mix of Space Ghost Coast to Coast meets Negrodamus, dripped in sativa as RZA’s consciousness acts as the helpful computer RZA9000.

“It’s kind of crazy on Earth right now,” Ghostface says in a Star Trek-like fit. “So we came to space to get some perspective and acquire some knowledge.”

Mix with some dark humor, the marketing strategy already has fans wanting more from the series. Aside from enjoying “Moonfights” and evolution debates, Ghostface hopes more folks will explore the parallels of clean eating.

“It’s all about the body now,” the pescatarian rapper tells VIBE. “We’re getting older and we were never taught these things as kids; how to eat the right portions or the right food. For the hip-hop community, for us to get ahead and go the vegan route or just reducing how much meat you eat, I think it’s great for hip-hop, the youth and the future, everybody.”

There are plenty of intergalactic gems to explore on the series with three more episodes to go. While chatting with VIBE, the rap veteran shares what’s to come in the web series, his verse on Logic’s “Wu Tang Forever” and why we should avoid “mechanical chickens.”


CREDIT: Impossible Burgers

How did your partnership with Impossible Burgers/White Castle come about?

Ghostface Killah: My manager put me on. I said yes because I did an event for Impossible Burgers in Brooklyn not too long ago and it turned out really well. I didn’t expect to get another callback but when the opportunity came, I accepted it, agreed to it, and we put in that work over in California and it was great.

What can you share about the premise of Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders, other than you all eating sliders?

We’re on a spaceship floating through space on a Wu-F-O and the RZA is the RZA9000 so he’s the guy that’s the voice inside the spaceship who guides us and tells us where to go. At the same time, we’re living in space for a minute so we’re answering questions from the fans and traveling to find out more about humanity.

CREDIT: Impossible Burgers

What was it like eating an Impossible Burger for the first time? 

It’s dope. The first time I tried it was in Brooklyn. You could have sworn you were eating regular meat. I had to really ask them and they said, “Yes, it’s really a plant-based food.” It’s the best plant-based vegan food that I’ve ever tasted, ever.

I’ve had one before and it blew my mind.

Especially when you get it really well done. I like mine well done. You know when you get it sometimes and it’s medium? I’m funny with food, even if it’s vegan. I like it well well, well, well done. I don’t want anything there that reminds me of blood. I get mine extra well done. That way when I look at it I’m like, “Okay, cool.”

What do you have on your Impossible Burger?

CREDIT: Impossible Burgers

I’m simple, I don’t really have nothing on it. I love cheese and I love onions, pickles and crunchy things. That’s as far as I go with having things crunchy on my burger. I wouldn’t go as far as having carrots on my burger. I’ll just keep it simple with pickles and cucumbers and some raw onions.

What about on the side? 

I wouldn’t do string beans or anything like that. It’s still plant-based but my mind wouldn’t match it like that. But for a 400 percent straight up vegan, that would match. I’m funny with food, so I’ve never seen a hamburger with string beans. (Laughs) Or a hamburger with a bunch of carrots. We can do some french fries but I’m not gonna tell you to have some mac and cheese with a slider. But a pure vegan would do the veggies, we’re thinking in our mind it would be meat but they might want more veggies so it’s totally up to you. You gotta use your mind when you’re a vegan.

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With hip-hop pillars getting more acclimated with clean eating, what do you think of the culture’s presence in conscious eating?

I think it’s dope. It’s a growing awareness. My man Styles P [and Jadakiss] from the L.O.X. have the juice shops up in the Bronx and Yonkers and it’s like people are knowing what’s healthy for their bodies. It’s all about the body now. We’re getting older and we were never taught these things as kids; how to eat the right portions or the right food. For the hip-hop community, for us to get ahead and go the vegan route or just reducing how much meat you eat, I think it’s great for hip-hop, the youth and the future, everybody. Just as long as you’re on the same page, everyone isn’t going to convert 100 percent but at least you have some type of knowledge.

It’s thinking, “Oh I know pork is bad,” or “I know that chicken isn’t actual chicken,” You know what I mean? That revelation will come to you, that understanding comes to you, it’s like, “Damn, I’ve been eating fake mechanical chicken for all this time?” It becomes weird because you don’t want to put that in your mouth. You know it’s not real. Even when it comes to “farm-raised fish.” I went down to eating fish but I have to watch what’s really farmed raised. Just because it says it’s salmon, doesn’t make it salmon. It’s things like that.

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It’s been pretty interesting seeing younger folks getting to know Wu-Tang. You all recently teamed up with Logic for the Young Sinatra 4 cut, “Wu Tang Forever.” What was it like to make that record? 

That was easy. I got a phone call saying how Logic wanted to do a Wu-Tang song with everybody for his record. Not too long ago before I got the call, I saw his VMA performance [of “One Day.”] He does a lot of good things, especially with the songs he sings. I don’t have a problem participating with the youth because the youth are our future. He sent the beat and I did my verse and sent it right back so I didn’t get to hear anything until his record came out. I heard the whole thing a couple of days ago and I reached out to tell him it was a great record and that his album was great. We talked for a minute and got to have conversations about life and stuff and that was it.

He recently shared that he opened up for you, but had to dip afterward since he was underage. 

Did he open for me or Wu-Tang?

He opened up for you.

Oh, I didn’t even know that, that’s pretty cool.

What’s it like to still be so relevant–in and out of music–in today’s hip-hop climate?

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It’s nice. It’s an honor to sit back and see people loving the things that you did 25 years ago and still be here and be amongst the crowd to receive those blessings. A lot of people receive their blessings when they’re dead but to be here and see it in the flesh is the ultimate goal in this business.

We did this for a sport. We didn’t think we would be this big. We knew we would come through and wreck shop but I didn’t think it would be worldwide, lasting for 25 years and better. But for the younger generation to be putting your names in songs it’s like, “Wow, we did do something.” When you’re in something you don’t recognize it ’till you’re out of it. You have to step back from the circle just to see what’s going on. Even though you were hearing it all the time, we were just doing regular sh*t. It’s like we did what we’re supposed to do, but for people to still embrace it, 25 years later, it’s like I give all praises due to the most high every day. That’s how I look it at. I gotta give praise.

Watch more episodes of Wu-Tang In Space Eating Impossible Sliders here. You can purchase Impossible Sliders at White Castle’s Chicago, New York, and New Jersey locations now.

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