Jay Versace Explains How He Raided Shaq’s Closet For Vintage Reebok Threads


With the re-launch of the Aztrek, Reebok’s latest campaign is doing more than soaking toes into nostalgia, they’re also bringing together lovers of all things ’90s. Their latest visual in the Aztrek: 90’s Re-Run project features comedy wunderkind Jay Versace and Shaquille O’Neal, the athlete who connected the brand to the basketball world many moons ago.

Speaking with VIBE, Jay paid homage to Shaq before raiding his closet in the hilarious video above. The two take a trip throughout Shaq’s mansion to his accolade room, where he has a vase full of glass from his backboard breaking days. There’s also his extensive Reebok closet, which includes some of the designs created during his campaign with the brand in 1992.

As part of the recent campaign, Jay along with other “90s enthusiasts” rocked the Aztrek’s and pieces from the latest capsule in shoots all over the country. For Jay’s, the social media comedian took notes from Shaq’s iconic run with the brand. “My favorite emblem from Shaq’s “Accolade Room” was the picture of him standing on the glass,” he said. “It inspired me so much, I had to recreate it!”

CREDIT: Reebok
CREDIT: Reebok

Jay’s take on the threads works for any athlete and fashion-forward sneakerhead. While scoping Shaq’s closet, Jay says the legend’s style does the same while remaining completely true to Shaq’s personal flavor. “His style is influenced, yet completely original, which is rare to see,” he says. “He knows how to wear fits that are specifically perfect for him and his style while also keeping the integrity of his favorite brand, which is Reebok.”


While known for his funny clips on Vine (R.I.P.) and Instagram, Jay is hoping to break to mold with an “Accolade Room” of his own. In addition to his work with Reebok, Jay has also worked with Sprite for their “Fresh Faces” campaign alongside Logic and Kyle. “If I had an Accolade Room, I would have all the things I’ve done for the past few years that have helped push the boundaries of me just being an “Instagram-er,” he explains. “I strive to do so much more though, so I would wait a little.”

But raiding Shaq’s closet wasn’t the only win for Jay. As a pure 90s baby, he got to enjoy some fun perks with Reebok. “My favorite moment from my collaboration with Reebok was going to Joshua Tree for my Aztrek campaign shoot,” he shares. “It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go and they gave me unlimited Capri Suns!”

Gotta love Capri Suns. Check out the video up top.

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