Kanye West Says Nicki Minaj Will Be On ‘Yandhi’


According to Kanye West, Nicki Minaj will appear on his upcoming album Yandhi.

The musician was interviewed discussing that his “Monster” collaborator will be on a track for the upcoming album that focuses on body image. “Nicki just rapped on a song where we are talking about dealing with, uh, body shaming,” West told TMZ’s Raquel Harper while on the set of his upcoming video for “We Got Love.”

“This concept is a ‘Ye concept right here, but I’ma say it to y’all right now,” he continued. “I’m taking two stigmas at once, because I love taking stigmas and flipping them to positive. Negative energy to a positive… one of the stigmas is that, men, the more people we sleep with, the higher our score goes. Wth a woman, the more people they sleep with, people consider that the lower their score goes.

“People get body shamed for using plastic surgery,” he continued. “…you hear it on the Internet all the time.”

We’ve been getting snippets of information about the Chicago-bred artist’s upcoming boy of work, however, not much is known. According to reports, Migos and Ty Dolla $ign may appear on the album.

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