Karrine Steffans Says Storytelling On Lil Wayne’s “Mona Lisa” Sounds Familiar

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Fans have been raving about Lil Wayne’s long-awaited album Tha Carter V, since it debuted in Sept. 2018. Arguably, one of the most popular songs off the album would be “Mona Lisa,” a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. Most fans have been saluting both emcees for their vivid storytelling, but one person in particular is taking interest in their verses for another reason. In a new interview with BET Digital, Karrine Steffans discussed Weezy’s new hit and the similarities between his verse and their infamous relationship.

For those who aren’t up to speed, Steffans and Wayne had a romantic relationship back in the day. She’s previously stated that she had a special ringtone for the rapper, so she would come running every time he called. She even informed other partners that Tunechi was a priority in her life before getting involved with them.

On “Mona Lisa,” K. Dot and Lil Wayne play two lovers on opposites sides of a deceptive lover. On one end, Wayne is conspiring with the woman to rob her fake boyfriend. Kendrick plays the naive boyfriend who mistakenly falls for the woman, although she is in love with Wayne. According to Steffans, the song sounds all too familiar.

“Of course I saw the Internet buzzing about ‘Mona Lisa’ and about the similarities between my relationship with Wayne” she told BET Digital. “I have to admit, it resembles nights at my house back then — except I’ve never denied my relationship with Wayne.”

Steffans didn’t seem to be upset though. Instead, she praised Tunechi and Kendrick for their dynamic flows and cadences. “First, the storytelling took me back to my son’s father, Kool G Rap, the king of rap novellas. Wayne’s wave comes in slowly, then all at once,” she explained.

Speaking about Lamar’s verse, Steffans complimented him on weaving in and out of characters. “It’s frantic,” she continued. “I love when he raps like a sociopath. I love when he raps until he can’t breathe. I hold my breath. I ride the wave. And, then, Kendrick. He comes in like he does, all Kendrick and s**t. His wave is authoritative, like a rap daddy.”

Lil Wayne has said very little about the track, but confirmed in a recent CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson, that most of what he rapped about on “Mona Lisa” was a true story. He also stated that the song was written nearly four or five years ago.

Listen to “Mona Lisa” below.

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