Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West Is ‘Harassing’ Her To Have Seven Kids


According to Kim Kardashian, her husband Kanye West is “harassing” her to have seven children due to his obsession with the God number.

In a recent episode of the socialite’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim discusses with her good friend Larsa Pippen that the Yandhi musician wants her to have four more children to round the West brood to seven.

“That’s crazy, I could never, especially in the world we live in,” she explained, stating that school shootings are one of the reasons why she doesn’t want to bring more children into the world. “I’ve been kind of hesitant about having more kids just because it literally keeps me up at night, thinking about how my kids will survive in a crazy world like this.”

All of the Kanye West-produced albums this year have been capped at seven songs. In an interview with Elle, Kardashian noted that four children would be the most she would consider having in total. She wants to be able to give all of her children (and Kanye) and equal amount of attention.

The Wests have three children together- North, Saint and Chicago, who was born earlier this year (Jan. 15) and delivered via surrogate.

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