Kirk Franklin Shares News Of His Biological Father’s Passing In Tear-Filled Video


After making amends just one month prior, Kirk Franklin took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news of his biological father’s passing on Tuesday (Oct. 16).

In a weepy video, Franklin spoke on his difficulty in coming to terms with the news in the midst of his multitude of emotions. “So many emotions….being abandoned, being adopted, and when I got that call I knew that I didn’t want to continue living in that so I fought passed it” he starts.

“I just got a call tonight that he passed” he continued in the clip. “I want to encourage anybody that may have a hard time moving in forgiveness. It’s painful, but it’s necessary. And it’s necessary because they deserve it, you deserve it, and both of y’all deserve the same grace that we all want God to give us. That amazing grace.”


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So….. Two days ago, I received an anonymous call that my biological father, who I never knew, has 3-6 months to live. I’ve lived my entire life hating this man. He and my biological mother gave me up for adoption, and it left me never feeling good enough….to this very day. I took my hate for him and used it as fuel to be the best father I could be for my own. But what I did wrong, is I never took that fuel, and turn it into forgiveness….and that is wrong. Wrong for him, me, and the God I proclaim to represent. How can I preach what I don’t practice. So I flew to Houston yesterday to do that. It’s painful, it’s a process, but how disappointed I would be in myself for this man to leave this earth without being forgiven. He deserves to receive what God gives me everyday. Pray for him, and for me. God this is hard…I weep as I write.

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The gospel singer also seems to have extended his thoughts to his official Twitter account, where a recent cryptic tweet seems to correlate with the disheartening event. “Forgive, love, smile, worship, surrender, call, visit, change, dance, contemplate, pray, laugh, move, think, Grow, and do it… while there’s still time” he writes.

In September, Franklin and his terminally-ill biological father made unexpected amends after a lifetime of resentment. Chronicled in a lengthy IG post, the 48-year-old revealed that he had chosen to take the hate that fueled his self-loathing and turn it into forgiveness.

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