LeBron James Reportedly In Talks To Produce ‘Friday the 13th’ Reboot


In the wake of the blockbuster success of the Halloween sequel, slasher films very well could have a chance of making a comeback in Hollywood. On Monday (Oct. 22), the Hollywood Reporter reported that LeBron James’ SpringHill Entertainment and Vertigo Entertainment are in talks to produce a reboot of Friday the 13th.

Victor Miller, who penned the screenplay for the original Friday the 13th, recently regained the rights. With Vertigo and SpringHill’s first look deals, Warner Bros. is expected to release the film as they were the studio to release the 2009 installment of the franchise. The upcoming project doesn’t have a writer or director attached to it as of yet.

The 33-year old NBA star isn’t the first black celebrity to produce a reboot of a classic thriller film. Rap queen turned actress Queen Latifah (and her production company Flavor Unit Entertainment) was tapped back in April 2017 to serve as the executive producer for the Season 3 reboot of the television adaptation of MTV’s Scream, based on the ’90s movie franchise.

Friday the 13th first came out in 1980, two years after the overnight of John Carpenter’s Halloween. The film was about a group of teenage counselors at the fictional Camp Crystal Lake who are viciously murdered, one by one by an unknown assailant (who turned out to be Mrs. Vorhees, the mother of Jason Vorhees, seeking revenge after her young son drowned at camp while under the watch of counselors.) The following sequels feature a resurrected Jason, in a goalie mask and machete, seeking murderous revenge for his mother’s death.

Are you excited for the new film?

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