Whew Chile: Leonard Cohen’s Kanye West-Centered Poem Is Released


Kanye West has been inescapable for virtually the whole year due to his head-scratching behavior and controversial comments.

Yesterday (Oct. 11), his polarizing behavior came to a head after he visited the White House to speak to fellow purveyor of “dragon energy,” Donald Trump. The very same day as West’s highly-publicized visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., an excerpt from the late- Leonard Cohen’s newly-released book The Flame was released.

The poem “Kanye West Is Not Picasso” is being perceived by many as a “diss” from the “Hallelujah” singer from beyond the grave, however, it appears that’s it’s more or less a commentary on ego, self-aggrandizement and braggadocio.

“I am the Kanye West of Kanye West/The Kanye West/Of the great bogus shift of bullsh*t culture.” he wrote. “I am the Kanye West Kanye West thinks he is/When he shoves your a– off the stage/I am the real Kanye West.” The poem was reportedly written in 2015, a few days after West compared himself to Michael Jordan in an interview. In the past, he’s compared himself to Steve Jobs, Pablo Picasso and more, and of course, his 2016 album was called The Life Of Pablo.

During his meeting with Trump, West called 45 a “father figure” and claimed that the “Make America Great Again” hat worn by Trump supporters makes him feel like “Superman.”

Read Cohen’s entire poem below.

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