Maryland Cop Charged With Raping A Woman During A Traffic Stop


A police officer with the Prince George’s County Police Department has been suspended without pay after being charged with rape.

According to reports, Ryan Macklin, a six-year veteran with the police, forced a woman to perform a sexual act while inside her car after pulling her over at 1 AM Thursday. (Oct. 11) Police said Macklin was in uniform, on duty and driving a marked police cruiser.

Macklin’s charges include first-degree rape, second-degree rape, perverted practice, second-degree assault, and fourth-degree sex offense. Police Chief Hank Stawinski said the victim came forward several hours after the encounter at the urging of her friends. It’s also unclear why Macklin chose the victim as a target.

“The charges against this officer are highly troubling,” Stawinski said. “Officers take an oath to protect others, not to abuse their authority in order to victimize someone. Those who live and work in Prince George’s County deserve the very best from the men and women of this department.”

Stawinski said there’s information that suggests the woman who reported Macklin may not be the only woman and urges others if they were assaulted by him to come forward.

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