Meek Mill Appears To Comment On Nicki Minaj Abuse Claims


In a teaser for the upcoming documentary surrounding her fourth studio-album Queen and more, Nicki Minaj recalls her experiences with being in a violent relationship.

“As a little girl, I would stand in front of my mother,” she said of her mother and father’s abusive relationship. “That’s why people would describe me as abrasive or bitchy because I vowed from that age, no man would ever abuse me, call me out my name, and abuse me like that… And then all of a sudden, that was my life.”

The Internet is speculating that Minaj’s former flame Meek Mill subtly commented on  her experiences in an Instagram post. Shortly after her teaser was released, the Philly MC screenshot and posted a photo originally shared by “Narcissistic Abuse Coach,” which details how aggressors in abusive relationships tend to behave.

“When cornered, they’ll lash out by claiming that THEY are the real victim,” the post reads. “Their story will detail your drinking problem, depression, jealousy, low self-esteem, financial woes, etc., thereby, gaining the sympathy of their fan club…” Meek’s caption simply read “lol.”

Earlier this year, longtime ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels claimed that Minaj abused him, and in order to protect her from going to jail, he would lie about the severity of the fight. We’re not sure if Meek is absolutely referencing Nicki here, but it’s apparent he’s talking about someone he once was romantically linked to.

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