Migos Accused Of Stealing “Walk It, Talk It”

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Migos’ single “Walk It, Talk” featuring Drake is a certified jam. But according to one artist, the Atlanta rockstars stole it from him. Leander C. Pickett, who goes by the name of M.O.S., is reportedly suing the Migos, claiming they ripped off a song he created over a decade ago, TMZ reports.

M.O.S. filed a copyright lawsuit against the rap trio, claiming there are eerily close similarities between their song and his 2007 song, which is entitled “Walk It Like It Talk It.” He claims the Migos’ track uses a “substantial portion” of his song. In the mash-up of both singles, M.O.S. seems to have a similar flow and lyrics on the chorus.

Pickett’s is also suing Capitol Records over the copyright issue. He is requesting that the group stop performing the track at live events.

Migos’ “Walk It, Talk It” was released in Jan. 2018 as the third single off of their Culture II album. The song peaked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The group has since performed the song numerous times while on their Drake and the Three Amigos Tour.

Listen to the mash-up of Migos and M.O.S.’s song in the video below.

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