Thousands Petition To Replace Bust Of Martin Luther King Jr.


Thousands of outraged individuals are calling for a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. to be replaced. A statue of the civil rights leader and activist was unveiled in Buffalo, N.Y., however, the bust doesn’t bear King’s likeness at all. According to Buffalo News, the 8-foot-tall bust was erected by a black artist named John Woodrow Wilson.

“Wilson was 92 when he died in 2015,” reports the publication. “When his sculpture of the large head was unveiled in Buffalo in 1983, it was not meant to look exactly like King, but to be a sort of “every man” that young black men and others could look to and identify themselves in King’s legacy.” According to reports, a woman reportedly said “we’ve been robbed!” while at the installation.

The push to replace the statue was started by Mr. Samuel A. Herbert, and as of Wednesday (Oct. 24), 6,082 signatures were on the list of supporters to get the replacement plan in motion.

“Dr. King was born on American soil. Dr. King was born as a black man,” Herbert told the publication. “As an American, he is deserving to have a statue that looks just like him.”

“Herbert said he has run into a lot of people who want to keep the sculpture the way it is,” The Buffalo News writes. “But, he said, God intervened and told him to ‘correct that wrong.’ He is hoping to run into at least 4,300 others who feel the same way and want to sign the petition.”

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