Monica Is Not Here for Kanye West’s Relationship With The President


In the light of Kanye West’s many recent actions, including one to support and befriend President Donald Trump, many folks in the R&B/hip-hop community haven’t been holding back their opinion on the controversial matters. Miss Thang-singer Monica is yet another celebrity of the urban world to commentate on the bromance between the Chicago rapper and our 45th President.

On Tuesday (Oct. 9), TMZ released a video where they caught up with 37-year old R&B diva at LAX, asking for her thoughts on Kanye and Trump’s lunch appointment at the White House Thursday (Oct. 11) to discuss prison reform, jobs and combating Chicago gang violence. Although these are important issues that the two will be conversing about, Monica is not co-signing this budding relationship between Yeezy and Trump, as she believes it will do more harm than good in the black community.

Dressed in Black Panther Party-esqe-attire, the “Just One of Dem Days” singer, commends Kanye’s good intentions for the black community but believes that Kanye’s relationship with Trump needs to be “demolished” because it “is not as productive as our communities need it to be.” The mother-of-three also commends Kim Kardashian for using her platform to convince Trump to grant clemency for Alice Marie Johnson, a former nonviolent drug convict.

Overall, the Atlanta native believes that the 808s and Heartbreaks-MC “has to reassess this entire relationship” saying, “I think that is going to continually hurt us if we aren’t all speaking together in the right places, making the right decisions, doing it the right way.” She concludes her thoughts by asking if Trump was the president who could help “create all of this change?”  “I don’t think so,” she said.

Check out the video below.