NAO Releases Sophomore Album ‘Saturn’

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NAO’s sophomore album, Saturn, is finally here for fans’ listening pleasure. The U.K. singer released her For All We Know follow-up on Friday (Oct. 26), boasting 13 tracks of experimental instrumentals and passionate lyrics.

The project features Kwabs on the title track, and SiR on one of the album’s lead singles “Make It Out Alive.” In an interview with Forbes, the “Apple Cherry” singer said her sound has matured since For All We Know’s 2016 debut.

“This album evolved a lot from For All We Know,” she said. “I still keep elements of it—“Another Lifetime” has that feel about it, in the bass line and the way it drops. “Love Supreme” has that “Inhale Exhale” vibe to it, and a D’Angelo feel about it. But I’ve also moved on as well and tried to explore sounds like Afrobeats, and the more electronic side. On “A Life Like This,” I even brought in an orchestra.”

In terms of mainstream recognition, NAO’s fan base has increased in support since her melody “Zillionaire” was featured in Samsung’s Galaxy Note5 commercial.

“I didn’t realize how powerful music and advertising, or having your music on a film or just a TV program, how important that is for discovery,” she said to VIBE. “So many people have now discovered me through a Samsung advert, and now I’m really happy about it. Before I said, ‘Yeah it’s cool,’ but now I’m like, ‘Actually this is a really special thing.’”

Stream Saturn below.

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