Nick Cannon Thinks He’d Beat Andre 3000 And Lil Wayne In A Freestyle: Watch

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Nick Cannon thinks Lil Wayne, Drake, Will Smith and Andre 3000 are some of hip-hop’s best rappers. But according to the Wild ‘N Out host, when it comes to being able to freestyle in a battle against all of them, he’d take home the W.

While speaking with Van Lathan for The Red Pill Podcast, the 38-year-old comic said he feels like he’s in the upper echelon of rap’s elite.

“Absolutely, I am a better rapper than Will Smith and Will Smith is pretty damn good,” he said. “I feel like I’m better than 90 percent of the rappers out there. I freestyle so well that I don’t even do it no more.”

Van Lathan, a man known for his ability to articulate a well-thought-out argument, tripped over his words a few times astonished that Cannon repeatedly asserted his greatness as a lyricist over Will Smith.

“You’re a better rapper than Will Smith?” Lathan question. “You…you rap better than Will Smith?”

Cannon later double-down on Wayne’s lyrical superiority but insists when it comes to this rap game, he’d take all the infinity rings.

“I would call Lil Wayne one of the greatest, Drake one of the greatest, André 3000 but you put those cats in a battle forum going back-and-forth and they not going to be able to do it.”

Realizing the Internet didn’t take too kindly to his assertion, Cannon took to social media to admit he was trolling as it pertains to Will Smith in hopes to get him on his MTV sketch comedy show.

“Only way to get Will Smith on Wild ‘N Out is to troll the goat. Taunt the beast,” Cannon captioned.

Watch the clip below.

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