Nicki Minaj Recalls Cardi B Fight: “Rah Ali Beat Cardi’s A**”

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Nicki Minaj is back for a new episode of Queen Radio on Beats 1, and she is airing out all the dirty laundry. On the tenth episode, which aired on Monday (Oct. 29), the rapper fired back at Cardi B and her sister Hennessy.

During the talk, Nicki seemed to be responding to Hennessy’s previous comments that claimed Nicki had leaked Cardi’s number to the Barbz so they could threaten her via text. Contrary to those allegations, Nicki asserted that she’s been minding her business and trying to stay away from the drama.

“I’m not a child, but you got your sister calling my friends all kinds of disrespectful names,” she said of Hennessy. “I was minding my business … Let’s make our music, and just be happy.”

While she suggested that she isn’t interested in getting involved with Cardi or her sister, she confirmed that the Barbz will always defend their fierce leader. “If you leave Nicki alone, the Barbz will leave you alone (Period),” she added.

Elsewhere in the episode, Nicki revisited her notorious fight with Cardi B during a New York Fashion Week event. Despite various reports, Nicki wanted to set the record straight about who won the fight. “Rah [Ali] really, really beat Cardi’s ass bad,” she confessed. Like really bad. … The hardest punches you’ve ever heard in your life.” She offered fans $100,000 to uncover the surveillance footage that shows Rah Ali beating up Cardi.

The interview continues with more details about Nicki and Cardi B’s ongoing beef. You can listen to Queen Radio, Episode 10 on Apple Music.

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