Nicki Minaj Vows To Help Trinidad After Extreme Earthquakes And Flooding

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Nicki Minaj is stepping up after Trinidad has experienced a series of devastating earthquakes and extreme flooding in the past week. The rapper, who was born in Trinidad, hopped on Twitter on Thursday (Oct. 265) and vowed to send help and supplies to the island in its time of need.

Trinidad has reportedly felt four earthquakes of 4.8 magnitude tremor since Sunday (Oct. 21), according to various weather reports. As a result of the quakes and heavy rainfall, the island has also suffered from flooding.

In light of the terrible news, Minaj announced that she would be getting involved with flood relief efforts. “Trinidad, I am working on getting many different resources to you now,” the “Trini Dem Girls” artist wrote. “I will let you know exactly who I’m donating the funds to & hope to be with you very soon. I Love you. We will get through this.”

She also noted that she was in the process of making plans to fly in to help with flood relief on the island. “My next step is to speak w|the Prime Minister or someone at a high level of gov’t so that I can help on an even larger scale,” she added. “Please contact my mother or FayAnn so that we can get on a call right away. We’re also trying to rearrange my calendar so that I can get out there soon.”

Minaj also shared an image of the extreme flooding in Trinidad on Instagram, vowing to help out in any way she could. You can see the post below.

For more information on how to help Trinidad, Nicki has directed fans to contact Fay-Ann at [email protected]


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#Repost @bunjigarlin ・・・ Some parts in Trinidad are ok but a large number of areas look like this and worse and people have lost everything they possess. People are now out in droves giving all the assistance they can to who needs it. In the disaster the blessing of togetherness stands so strong in this moment here in Trinidad and Tobago everyone is lending a hand even those who have nothing left. In accordance to the Office of Disaster and Preparedness Trinidad and Tobago is NOT under any Tropical storm or Hurricane watch, this is just a very weird weather system over T&T and the destruction you saw in pics and videos is from 3 days steady rain. The office reports that the orange weather alert stands until Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018 so we have to continue to brace as we seek to rebuild. There are a lot of people from abroad asking about assisting but they haven’t seen any info on how to do so, so we will gather what info we can and put it in a next post. Thanks for all the prayers and we journey through this time.

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