Nicki Minaj’s Former Stylist Sues Her For $73K


Nicki Minaj’s name has been tangled in controversy this fall, and this week adds yet another incident. The Queen rapper’s former stylist Maher Jridi is seeking a bag after reportedly being stiffed on loaned clothing. According to Page Six, the stylist rented thousands of dollars worth of pieces to from Cloak Wardrobe to dress Minaj for Paris Fashion Week last year.

Reportedly, Nicki took the designs to wear but never returned them to Jridi afterwards. Jridi is being held responsible for replacing the gear out of pocket ($13,000). The stylist says he tried to resolve the issue multiple times with Nicki (as well as receive the full pay for his services) to no avail. Now, he is suing Minaj for $73,000 to get him out of this “serious financial hardship.”

Minaj has spent the latter part of 2018 airing out her mounting controversies on her Beats 1 show, Queen Radio, including her feuds with rap peers (such as Cardi B) and various media critics. Then she also teased a forthcoming Queen documentary that will likely reveal a past incident of domestic violence.

However, there have been bright spots. She donated $25,000 to the Actors Fund Charity by way of former Cosby Show star, Geoffrey Owens. Additionally, Minaj snagged herself a shiny new magazine cover.

Minaj, dripping in pink from head to toe, graced the newly revealed (Oct. 5) special edition cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. In the feminine spread, Minaj was dubbed a music icon.

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