Niecy Nash Helps Phone-Happy White People Cope With Racism Hotline Infomercial


With all the instances of racism-driven acts of “discomfort” and fear committed by white people towards minorities each and every day, the natural reaction may be to kick, scream, cuss and cry. However, there are other coping mechanisms to consider as we twiddle our thumbs waiting for justice. How about comedy?

An a new satirical skit for New York Times Opinion, Claws actress Niecy Nash delivered just that. The infomercial finds Nash getting viewers hip 1-844-WYT-FEAR, the hotline designed for racists who continue to call 911 on innocent people doing daily tasks and generally #LivingWhileBlack.

“You’re scared, you’re white, but with cell phone cameras and social media, calling 911 on your black or brown neighbors just isn’t what it used to be,” Nash begins in the fictional ad. “Hi, I’m Niecy Nash, actress, inventor and advocate for not calling 911 on black people for no goddamn reason. I want to introduce you to a radical new product that will save you from all the headaches from being filmed and outed as a racist douche.”

The kick is that the number is actually live, and when dialed will take callers to an automated message: “Thank you for calling 1-844-WYT-FEAR. We are here to address your urgent concerns about black or brown people living their life near you.” After going through several menu options, the recording will conclude that “based on your menu selection, we have determined that you are not in danger and probably just racist.”

On a more serious note, the hotline reminds callers that they should hold off on frivolously reporting black people to the police because they are more likely to experience force and get longer prison sentences in the American criminal justice system.

Corner Store Caroline, Hallway Hillary, Golf Cart Gail, Barbecue Betty and others who have called police on black men, women and children living their everyday lives could surely benefit from such a hotline.

Watch the full infomercial up top.

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