‘Night School’ Is Biggest Opening For A Comedy Film In 2018

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What happens when you put uber-famous comedians Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish in the starring roles of a movie? You get the biggest opening for a comedy film in 2018.

According to Deadline, Night School finished off its inaugural week with strong numbers, finishing at number one with a total gross of $28 million.

“Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish are two of the biggest names in comedy, and they make an unstoppable duo in this film,” says Universal domestic distribution boss Jim Orr, per the website. “Their chemistry and comedic timing pop off the screen. They have an immensely dedicated and broad fan base that turned out in droves, giving Universal its second straight No. 1 opening, and the largest comedy debut of the year.”

Despite less than stellar reviews for the film, the two actors are taking Night School in stride and loved working together. Hart defended his co-star and longtime friend against Katt Williams’ comments about her during their appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club.

“Don’t blame everyone else for your sh*t,” he said. “Don’t sh*t on my sister’s light cause you’re not happy with your sh*t. I don’t care that you aren’t a Tiffany Haddish fan, she got years in the game.”

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