Video For DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince’s “Nightmare On My Street” Emerges From The Grave


Long hidden in a crypt (we’d like to think), it looks like DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s video for their Halloween hit “Nightmare On My Street” has emerged after many years. While the six minute video from the dynamic duo is pretty dated, it’s definitely worth the watch, especially given today’s festivities (Oct. 31).

In typical 80s-VCR style, the video is jumping nonstop, and it even cuts away to a taped-over movie or television special. In the video, Will Smith enters a  house narrating the tale of what he experiences during a crazy night of paranormal activities.

“Freddy Krueger” and Smith get into an altercation, but as the song goes, everything works itself out in the end as the Fresh Prince is able to escape. However, his buddy Jazzy Jeff isn’t as lucky.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the song was initially supposed to appear on the soundtrack for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. However, it was cut by New Line Cinema and the video never saw the light of day…until now.

“Neither this song nor this video is authorized, licensed or affiliated with the “Nightmare On Elm Street” films, New Line Cinema corp., the Elm Street Venture or the fourth New Line/Heron Venture,” the video’s closing disclaimer reads.

Get into the Halloween spirit by watching the video from the grave below.

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