Orlando Brown Heading To Rehab After Friend Intervention

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Troubled actor Orlando Brown, who is best known for his role on Disney’s hit show That’s So Raven, is finally seeking the help that he needs. The actor has reportedly checked into a rehabilitation center after his friends staged an intervention, TMZ reports.

Brown is reportedly being treated at the facility for substance abuse and mental health issues. The actor’s friend, Danny Boy – whom is the owner of the Las Vegas restaurant that the star broke into in Sept. 2018 – reportedly contacted Hollywood producers, Wendy Wheaton and Tommy Red who provided contacts for a rehab.

The plan was originally to get Brown the help he needed back in Aug. 2018, but that plan was spoiled after the actor got caught breaking into Danny Boy’s restaurant. That was far from Brown’s only run in with the law however.

In addition to the burglary, the actor was arrested last month for getting into an argument at a hotel. Over the past couple of years, he has also been arrested for a series of charges, including domestic battery, prostitution, weapons and drug possession.

It’s unclear how long Brown will remain in rehab. Lets hope he will come out a healthier man.

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