Quality Control’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas Offers Car Thief $20k Reward For Hard Drive

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CEO of Quality Control Music, Pierre “Pee” Thomas posted a mini public service announcement on his Instagram account early Wednesday morning (Oct. 10).

Apparently, a car thief got away with a bit more than he was expecting while executing his late-night hustle on Tuesday (Oct. 9). Hopping into a parked Dodge Journey that had been stopped to get gas, the Zone 5 thief fled the scene with the vehicle and a hard drive worth of unreleased music.

Now, Pee is revealing that the Journey belonged to QC’s engineer and is offering a 20k cash prize for the return of the drive.

“Attention: Atlanta whoever just jumped in the Dodge Journey and stole the car at the Chevron on Northside Dr. That was my Engineer car with an important hard drive in it” Pee started in his IG Story. “I know you just doing what you do and I’m not knocking your hustle cause I use to steal cars in the 90’s. I have 20k cash money for the hard drive back. No funny business.”

With no word of what exactly the drive contained, it’s clear that its return is critical. The message was later posted in a formal IG post, where the CEO added a few words in the caption.

“Hit me in the dm or anybody who you know that know me or anybody in the camp. It’s all good we need that hard drive. Thank you” he wrote.

Though Pee’s comment section is booming with claims that Thomas is pushing a set up and will have cops on the scene, that’s less than likely to happen.

In a 2017 interview with The New York TimesPee spoke on his controversial past and frequent run-ins with the law, nodding to the history he shares with his artists and Atlanta’s new generation.

“I know what it’s like trying to get out the hood, trying not to make the same mistakes and put yourself in the position to go back to prison,” revealed Pee. “It’s hard getting money out here, especially for young black men with no education, coming from low-income areas.”

Currently, Quality Control Music’s signees include Lil Yachty, Migos, City Girls and Lil Baby. The team has also recently signed a managerial contract with Cardi B.

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