Quavo’s “Bubblegum” Visual Was Inspired By ‘I, Robot’ And CEEK’s Sleek Virtual Reality Gear


Quavo’s solo run has inspired him to take his music videos to cinematic levels, including the addition of virtual reality.

In behind the scenes footage provided by CEEK VR, director Oladapo Fagbenle, known widely as Daps shared how the premise of “Bubblegum” came to be. Inspired by post-apocalyptic films like I, Robot and future dystopias seen in Minority Report, Daps says bringing a Black Mirror effect to “Bubblegum” seemed like the perfect fit.

“The whole concept is a post-apocalyptic dystopian world where Quavo wakes up in a messed up society in the future somewhere,” he explains. “He decides to put on his CEEK VR virtual reality glasses and is transported into a clean (white) clinical world with all of these elements. It’s like Minority Report meets I, Robot I’d say. The idea for him was to always be in some kind of surreal world.”

Daps’ visual storytelling has always pushed creative feats for artists like Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora (“Black Widow”), Kendrick Lamar (“King Kunta”) and Stormzy (Big For Your Boots”)

The video, starring model-actress Draya, is also widely centered around the world created by CEEK VR. The augmented reality developer created in 2015 has been a leader in the VR world with their premium headsets. While they’re currently sold out everywhere, they still find ways to stay within public consumption.

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CREDIT: Mary Spio (CGI World)

Currently, CEEK VR links with artists like Quavo, Lady Gaga, and Mary J. Blige so fans can watch their live shows on another level. Other plans are in effect, like implementing VR in educational spaces and creating studios that allow artists to create branded content for fans.

Quavo’s isn’t the only one taking his art to the world of virtuality reality. In 2017, Childish Gambino introduced songs from his critically acclaimed album, Awaken My Love! through VR performances. He also released a limited edition vinyl that was VR compatible through his PHAROS experience app.

Check out more BTS moments from “Bubblegum” above.

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