Quincy Jones Apologized To T-Pain For “P.Y.T.” Cover Critique


These days, Quincy Jones is an open book. While it’s clear that he’s lived a life worth telling without inhibitions, the accomplished music icon isn’t above righting something that, to him, feels out of line.

His 2018 interviews with GQ and Vulture were unfiltered sit-downs in which he opened up about both the mighty and untidy bits of his past and his interactions with others. His interview with the latter, which was published in early February, found him revisiting the making of Jones’ 2000 album, Q Soul Bossa Nostra. In the chat, he talked about TTKK. Additionally, he had some thoughts about T-Pain’s contribution to the album: a cover of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” done alongside Robin Thicke.

“I was not in favor of doing it, but the rappers wanted to record something as a tribute to me, where they’d do versions of songs that I’d done over my career,” Jones told Vulture. “I said to them, ‘Look, you got to make the music better than we did on the originals.’ That didn’t happen. T-Pain, man, he didn’t pay attention to the details.”

At the time, T-Pain had immediately responded with tweets saying he didn’t even want to do the song and he was forced by management to participate. Now, in a new interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, T-Pain said that after the dust-up, Jones reached out to apologize.

“He actually DM’ed me immediately after that came out and he just explained to me that he’s … just old,” T-Pain said. “He said, ‘Look man sometimes I just get in my age and I just babble on about what I know.’ So I accepted his apology. I never lost any respect for him, I just didn’t know why he went like that with it.”

Nice to see how maturely it was handled. Watch the full interview and listen to the song in question below.

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