Rev. Run’s Netflix Sitcom ‘All About The Washingtons’ Cancelled After One Season

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Rev. Run’s Netflix sitcom All About The Washingtons has been booted from the streamer after one season.

Brought to the streaming network by Rev. Run and wife, Justine Simmons, the scripted series followed the lives of their fictional doppelgängers Joey Washington and Justine Simmons as they attempt to raise their family.

The pilot episode focused on Joey’s retirement from hip-hop as he shifts his focus from his long-spanning rap career to his kids, finally giving Justine the opportunity to pursue a career of her own– the Hip-Hop Sip-Stop.

Launched on Aug. 10, the series immediately received poor reviews. Currently holding a 40 percent critic rating on RottenTomatoes, The Hollywood Reporter’s chief TV critic Daniel Fienberg notes that the couple’s once admired “reality TV chemistry [has failed] to convert to scripted.”

Originally picked up by ABC after engaging in a multiple-network bidding war, it’s surprising to see the series fall flat, though the Disney-owned broadcaster passed the project pilot to Netflix.

Nonetheless, All About The Washingtons marks the cancellation for an ABC Studios-produced show at Netflix, following the Marvel drama Iron Fist last week.

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