Rynard Brown Uses His New Single To Bring Awareness To Domestic Violence Month With “Reachable”


R&B has forever used the soul of our greatest voices to sing about more than just love and happiness, it has also addressed world issues, politics and personal trama. South Carolina born but Poughkeepsie, New York raised crooner Rynard Brown is taking the theme of the latter and expresses his concern for a loved one dealing with domestic violence [October is DV Awareness Month] with his single, “Reachable” off his new album, Its Not Complicated.

“The song originally was written by (producer) Drawzilla and I,” says Brown. “It was inspired by a woman I knew, who was in a bad relationship and was in need of a friend to listen and offer advice in her time of need. So that’s how we came up with the title ‘Reachable.’”

When one hears the song it takes on a somber feel but one that embraces the listener and comforts those that are in need. Yet, the video, directed by Azzie Scott (for Dream Dept.), paints a scene that far too many people deal with as domestic violence is rarely a pretty picture to watch. “As far as the video direction, Azzie came up with the concept,” Brown explains. “I originally was reluctant to go in this direction because it’s such a heavy subject, however, I trust Azzie’s creativity and he felt it was important to showcase the other realities in some relationships. If this video can inspire anyone who has been in an abusive relationship to get help, we were visually able to tell that that story.“

Brown’s old soul and spiritual tone is full of honesty and deliverance. The album carries the same tune. The visuals are of the times and mimic reality…a reality that needs to change as domestic violence numbers need to lower to zero. Take some time to listen to Brown’s work of passion and salute his movement of bringing awareness to this problem through song.