The City Of San Jose Is Paying Its Homeless Population To Clean Up The Litter


The city of San Jose is killing two birds with one stone.

According to reports, Mayor Sam Liccardo has identified 40 locations in the city that have the most litter and has hired 25 homeless men and women to clean up the locations.

For about five hours a day at $15 an hour, the city’s homeless population will clear the trash and junk along the streets and creeks. The initiative is appropriately titled “Beautify San Jose.”

“This is really a way for us to accomplish two very important goals: One, we need to beautify our city and clean up our streets and at the same time we need to help people get back on their feet,” Mayor Liccardo said. “We are working to transform lives.

A lot of the trash, but not all, in the locations identified have been generated by the homeless. The initiative is a partnership between Downtown Streets Team and Goodwill.

At the top of the year, Forbes released a list of the 20 dirtiest cities in America. The first 10 are Fresno, Calif; Bakersfield, Calif; Philadelphia, Penn; Bridgeport, Conn; Riverside, Calif; New Haven, Conn; San Jose, Calif; Stockton, Calif; Milwaukee, Wi.

New York City comes in at number 11 with Akron, Ohio at number 15 and St. Louis, Mo rounding out the list.

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