Sheck Wes Does Right By Trap In New ‘MUDBOY’ Album

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Trap music has separated itself from hip-hop as a bold new subsection of the life-altering genre. While youngin’s and old heads have the great debate about the fate of current day hip-hop, Sheck Wes has delivered a trap album that should make some nay-sayers reconsider. MUDBOY is the most recent work to hit streaming sites on Oct. 5, courtesy of the Harlem-based rapper and Interscope Records affiliate.

This album is a 14 track playlist, with Sheck at the center of it as the stand-alone feature artist. With 49 minutes of the 20-year-old rapper in your ears, you hear his journey to becoming a self-proclaimed MUDBOY. In an interview with Zane Lowe, the musician described a Mudboy as “somebody who came from nothing, you know, who turned nothing into something. You know, when I was in Africa, in the rain, I walk around in, like, mud. The sand would turn to mud and you are not getting out of that.”


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Khadimoul Rassoul Cheikh, known by fans as Sheck Wes, incorporates his hit song “Mo Bamba,” which debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Jiggy On The Sh*ts” distinguishes itself apart from the others as Cheikh displays his bi-lingual skills, bodying the song in two languages. “Live Sheck Wes” and “Wanted” also appear in this LP.

Mudboy is Sheck Wes’ debut album but it serves as a high-impact introduction worth listening to. Stream the album below.

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