Smino’s Sophomore Album ‘Noir’ Receives Release Date

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On Sunday (Oct. 28), Smino took to Twitter to share that his sophomore album Noir will be released on Nov. 8.

The St. Louis rapper released a 90-second video of him in the studio freestyling, essentially giving his fans a taste of what to expect. “November I’m droppin’ on da eighth like a tre five, Smino Noir / Album sound like watchin’ Martin, thinkin’ Trayvon, new ice skates on, Smino Noir,” he raps.

The week before the announcement, the 27-year-old released “L.M.F.,” the lead single off the album, which stands for “Lion Mufasa.” The melodic-animated single features tons of Lion King references over production by Sango.

Smino released his debut album blkswn in March 2017. Months later, he became an opener for SZA’s CTRL tour, and T-Pain’s Acoustic Tour. The “Buy U A Drank” singer appeared on the remix for Smino’s single “Anita.”

In an interview with VIBE, Smino said it’s important for him to be his biggest supporter when it comes to his music. “I’m my biggest fan, so I be waiting on me to make some new sh*t so I can bump some new Smino,” he says. “After I make a song and leave the studio, I go to sleep to that song, wake up to that song, bump it on the way to wherever I’m going. Play it to everybody when I see them.”

Following the release of his new album, the versatile artist will perform in Minneapolis, Minn., and St. Louis, Mo., before touring in New Zealand and Australia next year.

Check out his new single below.

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