Spotify To Allow Musicians To Submit Music For Playlist Consideration

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It’s been said that you have to make your own luck in this crazy world, but sometimes, it’s important and essential to have a little help from a support system to make things happen. Spotify is doing burgeoning artists a solid by allowing them to directly submit their music for consideration on the service’s curated playlists.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the rollout would be in beta-test form, and now that the feature has been finalized, Spotify announced that more that 67,000 artists have submitted their music.

“Musicians submit songs directly through the Spotify for Artists platform, which allows one unreleased song to be considered at a time for placement on one of Spotify’s official playlists (which can be distinguished from non-Spotify playlists by the company’s small green logo in the image corner),” writes Rolling Stone. “Spotify’s FAQ notes that ‘submitting a song doesn’t guarantee a place on an editorial playlist, but does give it the best chance,’ and also that ‘it’s not possible to pay to increase your chances, nor can any external parties influence our editors.'”

Some of the up-and-comers have seen gargantuan amounts of streaming love since the new feature began. For instance, musician Gustavo Bertoni’s song “Be Here Now” was featured on two playlists, and his streams jumped from 7,000 a month to 617,000.

What are you waiting for, artists? Show them what you’ve got.

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