Spotify Introduces Global Cultures Initiative

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Spotify quietly launched its new Global Cultures Initiative through the integration of carefully curated playlists featuring a collection of global sounds, Billboard reports.

“At Spotify, we think our playlists should be just as eclectic as our palates,” the company wrote via blog post on Friday (Sept. 28), promoting the belief that new cultures should be explored in more than one way. “Why is food from other countries so embedded in our culture and yet music isn’t?” asked Rocio Guerrero, Head of Global Cultures at Spotify. “Because streaming didn’t exist. But now it’s happening.”

Inspired by the communities and cultures that live away from their homeland, Spotify’s Global Cultures Initiative works to promote and advance “culturally diverse music, surfacing hits from different countries around the world and…popular songs that cross cultures.”

Spotify will also feature “top songs, both old and new, from diasporic communities around the world” including Arab, African, Indian (Desi), and Latino rollouts on its playlists.

In addition, Spotify also launched their Global X playlist which includes a mix of the hottest international crossovers. Located under the platform’s Pop section, Global X contains an exclusive vertical video for DJ Snake’s international track “Taki Taki”  featuring Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Ozuna.

Though Latin beats have dominated the charts this summer, the playlist will be all inclusive and multicultural with tracks like Wizkid’s “Come Closer” Featuring Drake and “Zooted” by French Montana and Becky G.

Take a sonic flight around the world by streaming Global X below.

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