T-Pain Details How His Mom Taught Him How To Hustle In The Industry


Fuse’s Made From Scratch welcomed T-Pain and his mother to cook the pair’s favorite meal together, “Mama’s Beef Pie.” In an exclusive clip given to Complex, an unaired moment showed how Mama ain’t raise no fool.

While discussing his upbringing with Aliyah Najm, who is affectionately known as Mama Pain, Faheem Rashad Najm (or T-Pain) mentioned the mogul mentality that ran in his family. His mother owned her own restaurant while farming her own chicken, which she sold to other communities, served as a model for how to be an entrepreneur.

She notes how growing up in surrounded by entrepreneurs shaped Najm when he enlisted in the music industry.

“That taught him how to be an entrepreneur, that taught him the brains of being in business,” his mom said. “When he first got into the music industry and they wanted to give him record deals and things of that nature, we were proud that he handled his own contract deals. So from that, he was able to maneuver around the industry without being held captive by the industry itself.”

During the taping, the 33-year-old highlighted the close relationship he maintained with his mother throughout the years, stating that their relationship is “the kind of relationship you want between a mother and a son, that just never went away.”

Watch the entire segment below.

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