#CornerstoneCaroline Wants To Press Charges Against Boy’s Mother She Accused Of Sexual Assault


Teresa Klein has been dubbed #CornerstoneCaroline after a viral video shows the 58-year-old woman calling police. Klein alleged that while inside a local Flatbush bodega a 9-year-old black boy grabbed her behind. In a cell phone video, the boy can be heard crying while his mother defends him and a small crowd forms.

However, surveillance footage from the encounter shows that the boy’s bookbag grazed against her behind. The next day Klein returned to the store to purchase cigarettes, and after being urged by a reporter went inside the store to view footage of the moment on large flat-screen television and apologized for her false accusation.

“I was wrong,” Klein admitted. “Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry.”

Jason Littlejohn captured the footage and questions whether or not Klein ever called authorities because they never showed up, which led him to wonder if she knew the gravity of her accusation against the boy.

“She basically said, ‘I’m calling the cops on you.’” Littlejohn said. “She didn’t say the mom or anybody else. She said, ‘I’m calling the cops on you.’ And that poor little boy, man, wherever he is, whoever he is, hopefully, there is millions of people that definitely want to help him out.”

It’s now being reported Klein wants to press charges against the child’s mother because she alleges she threatened her life. Since the incident, Klein said she’s received an abundance of calls and death threats and says she cannot walk around in Flatbush.

Klein’s accusations against the child are just the latest in a chain of 911 calls made by white women accusing black people of a range of things, all of which aren’t illegal. Whether it be Alison Ettel, known as #PermitPatty, who called police on a black girl for selling water outside of her San Francisco apartment building, or Sarah Braasch, who called police on Yale graduate student Lolade Siyonbola for sleeping in the common area.

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