There Are 98 Million Girls Not In School, Michelle Obama’s Global Girls Alliance Aims To Change That


Former First Lady Michelle Obama may no longer be in office, but she’s still using her platform to advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves. On International Day of The Girl, Mrs. Obama launched the Global Girls Alliance, which aims to help adolescent girls across the world gain an education.

“If we care about climate change, if we care about poverty, if we care about maternal-child health then we have to care about education,” Obama said on The Today Show Thursday. (Oct. 11)

In association with The Obama Foundation, grassroots leaders will connect with other educators across the world to find the resources to help the young girls receive a quality education.

“There are 98 million adolescent girls who are not in school, and let’s just stop and think about that. Think about our daughters. With all their promise and with all they have in them. You know now even at this young age that there’s something burning in them dying to get out. Well, that is true for millions of girls around the country and they are battling through misperceptions, violence, stigma just to get their way into a classroom and many of them don’t have access to a classroom.”

Mrs. Obama said the alliance will also be a networking forum of sorts for leaders on the ground to be a support system for one another while they help the millions of girls worldwide.

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