T.I. Explains Why Agrees With Kanye West’s Take On Altering The 13th Amendment


Kanye West raised eyebrows (again) when he took to Twitter Sunday (Sept. 30) and suggested the abolishment of the 13th Amendment, which in 1865 outlawed slavery. He later explained he didn’t initially mean “abolish” but instead meant amend. However, the damage was done and for those who were prepared to unsubscribe from Mr. West, this comment did it.

T.I. however, is in agreement with Mr. West and took to Instagram Monday (Oct. 1) to explain why. He prefaced his statement by informing followers he doesn’t normally side with Ye, but as it pertains to the 13th Amendment he understands his sentiments.

“While I disagree with most of the sh*t that Kanye says and his rants I must say that the part about trying to amend or abolish the 13th Amendment I actually agreed with and not because I think that slavery should be instilled. No, because the 13th Amendment says that slavery should be abolished unless in prison.”

Tip has long been an advocate for prison reform. In 2009, The Us or Else artist spent 366 days inside an Arkansas federal prison on a weapon’s charge. Two years prior, T.I., real name Clifford Harris, attempted to buy machine guns and silencers from an undercover federal agent.

“Now if slavery is abolished unless imprisoned that means it incentivizes mass incarceration and it also increases the amount of scrutiny put on us and the laws that affect us differently than they affect white people.”

In 2016, Ava DuVernay’s Netflix documentary 13th tackled the link between the end of slavery and the prison system. The Atlanta rapper who just celebrated his 38th birthday concluded altering the 13th Amendment may help to even the playing field as it pertains to mass incarceration for white and black people. But again, he can’t be sure that’s what Mr. West was getting at.

“Now I know how I mean it when I say it and I just hope he means it the same way,” T.I. said.


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