Tiffany Haddish Was Almost A Contestant On ‘Flavor Of Love’


While Tiffany Haddish was a mainstay on VH1 pop culture commentary programs like I Love The 90s, the award-winning comedian revealed she was almost a part of one of the network’s hit reality shows. During an interview with Wired, Haddish and Night School co-star Kevin Hart answered questions that people search about them on Google.

One inquiry that popped up was if Haddish is Tiffany Pollard, a.k.a. New York, from Flavor of Love. The California native obviously answered no, but revealed that she auditioned to be a part of the show. “But when I found out it was Flavor Flav you had to be in the house with, I was like, ‘Oh no thank you. I don’t want this job,’ ” she shared.

Since the show aired in 2006, it’s still relevant in today’s age of social media, specifically when it comes to GIFs. In an interview with The Cut, Pollard shared how her statements and gestures on Flavor of Love increased her fan base.

“People come up to me all the time like, ‘girl, I don’t even speak anymore. I just use you. You’re my way of communicating.’ I don’t know how these youngsters even discovered the old-school shows, but it’s made me fresh and relevant again. I’m so grateful for that,” she said.

Recently, New York and Flav reunited on Braxton Family Values, reigniting the flame the pair once stoked while on the popular dating show.

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