Vince Staples To Release New Music With Jay Rock And Kamaiyah This Week

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Vince Staples took to Twitter to relay an important message Monday afternoon (Oct.29): his new music will hit shelves this Friday, Nov. 2.

In a series of social media blasts, Staples announced some intimate details about his next body of work. “I took time off from recording my next album to make a very special project dedicated to my biggest fan and supporter since day one,” he captioned under a photo from his childhood.

According to the “Norf Norf” musician, the project will cover topics “such as Crips, Bloods, Eses, Asians, Dominicans, Puerto Rican’s, White Boys, Jamaicans.”

The untitled and unspecified new release’s details have been kept under wraps.  But thanks to some tweets by the 25-year-old rapper, features from Lil Fade, Kamaiyah, Jay Rock, T Raw, Vince from Poppy and more have been confirmed.

Whatever album, EP or mixtape that could be coming our way will follow in 2017 project Big Fish Theory. Just like the Hell Can Wait EP and the Summertime ’06 LP, the upcoming project can be expected to be produced with Def Jam.

The last time Vince Staples was in the spotlight, Eminem jokingly came for Vince Staples in his Kamikaze album (Aug.31).

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