Virginia Man Tries To Drug Mother-In-Law With Meth Infused Coffee


A Virginia man dodged a first-degree murder charge after admitting to placing methamphetamine in his mother-in-law’s coffee.

Prosecutors say Ester Price, 95, was admitted to the hospital in December 2017 and showed signs of meth in her system. Price’s granddaughter said she believed 56-year-old Jack David Price may have been responsible.

Price told law enforcement the day before she was sick and admitted to Farmville hospital, her son-in-law offered her a cup of coffee, which she explained as “not an ordinary event.”

Investigators spoke with a neighbor who said Jack once admitted he should “put some meth in her drink” but quickly doubled-back and said he was only joking when the neighbor didn’t find the comment funny.

Jack Price avoided a first-degree murder charge, distribution of methamphetamine and poisoning after pleading guilty to two felonies and one misdemeanor.

A judge sentenced Jack Price to 11 years with five months suspended. Conditions of the suspended portion of Price’s sentence included 10 years of good behavior and three years of random drug screenings and tests, along with six months of a suspended driver’s license.

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